11 thoughts on “The Ares Revenge Run

  1. Opti,
    The news your ex was OK and the reasoning and plotting fully justified temporarily blurred truths. But throw in the satisfaction that epic run brought was well as the payday? Chummer, lie to me. Lie like a dog!

    On the subject of truth, it still grinds at me, even after the run, Ares bills itself as representative of the old United States of America and her values. The USA was NOT a nation that valued militaristic, groupthink corp subservience! But rather than fill your matrix space with opinion I’ll just point listeners to search for the “Revolutions Podcast”, particularly the eps dedicated to the American Revolution. Chip truth! As in, recorded off time stamped chip audio feeds dated to the early 21st century. Chips too primitive for corporate deckers to warp, change, spin, or re engineer (though plenty of similar artifacts conveniently vanished). If past is prologue, Revolutions shows traditions America really attempted to foster based on beliefs of its founding fathers. Listen to them and look at Ares and you’ll get a profound WTD!? moment. Plus they’re humorous (if you get 60 year old humor) fun to listen to and each ep only about 30 minutes long.

    But I’m looking forward to your next historical ep while I lie low.

    1. I hear ya, chummer. There was a lot to like about the old US of A. There were some things not to like as well, and I think Ares represents those well, under the veneer of the good. Not unlike what most politicians and media outlets do today in 2076…

  2. Ah chummer, how could I ever refuse a job like that… My ears are still ringing though. Ahahaha!

  3. Aloha Opti

    Just getting back from laying low out in the Hawaiian Kingdom as the dust and ash from the Ares run seems to be settling a bit now.

    *passes over some leis for the cubs along with some of the loudest Kevlar lined Hawaiian shirts and a Dancing Dashboard Crow in grass skirt for Opti*

    You ever need anything for another fun run just give us a shout. 🙂

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