Shadowrun Origins: Episode 1: Breakout

A brand new podcast for a bygone time. You’ve heard about the history of the Shadowrun universe from the Neo-Anarchist Podcast, now hear about the runs, adventures, and missions that formed it. Follow along with young Opti, Guard-A-Manger, JR, Jazz, and Pixie Fire as they get into trouble only pink mohawk runners can get into in the 2050s. In this episode, the characters get together and try to break out two of their own from a Lone Star lockup!

Shadowrun Origins is now available in iTunes, or any other podcast app you may have…
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4 thoughts on “Shadowrun Origins: Episode 1: Breakout

  1. Please put this in podbean. I will so be a loyal listener. Ive been looking for a shadowrun actual play podcast.

    1. Chris, there are a few good real play Shadowrun podcast on podbean. That is my listening app as well. I listen to The Archology Podcast real play, Milkrun real play, and now this for my Shadowrun fix.

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