2 thoughts on “Episode 33a: 2063a: Questions, Answers, and Thor Shots

  1. Opti,

    The question about ‘runner retirement struck a chord. Generally, we exit the biz feet first (providing there are feet or feet left). But one of the unsung tragedies of the 5th World was a plan to exit the corp mandated consumer culture that drove so many of the horrible things past and present. A guy in Colorado determined a solution: live WAY below your means, pay off all debts, invest half or more of your income until the amount invested = 25 times your living expenses. Then quit your job and live off the investments. It’s a crazy simple plan that allowed him and his adherents to live simple lives unencumbered with consumer waste on the run up to early retirement (at ~35-40 years old). Afterwards they deserted their cubicles to do what they wanted – sleeping, fishing, hunting, music, underwater basket weaving, role playing gaming, etc. I’m not sure what happened to them but it seems the wars, plagues, etc swept them away before their influence could be felt. But here is a link that gives more details: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2012/01/13/the-shockingly-simple-math-behind-early-retirement/

    Sadly, we live in the 6th World and this idea isn’t practicable – at least to Neo-Anarchists. The idea rested on investing in profitable corps that weren’t blood suckers – and that kind of corp is all we have. Not to mention 6th World corps don’t have great returns they offer the small investor – though dragons seem to do OK. Or owning real estate rentals but since all quality real estate today is corps owned, you’d have to become a slum lord and a particularly vicious one at that. So for now my retirement plan is to keep geeking evil drek heads for Nuyen until they effectively reciprocate. Your plan is OK but it leans heavily on how much loyalty you’ll inspire in those relationships. Conversely, how much heat would you be willing to let a community you’re a part of endure?

    1. The heat is the community’s to accept or not. I would likely try to not put down roots somewhere that the people didn’t care to stand against the corps. Still, those close to us, seeing them suffer, that is a hard choice, but if it isn’t made, if we keep them from the bad side, they will grow up either thinking the bad side doesn’t exist, or they will be too cowardly or comfortable to act against it. Not an easy choice, omae.

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