6 thoughts on “Episode 32: 2062: Tir Shakeups, Dragon Breakups, Azzie Hicccups

  1. Opti,

    I for one really regret missing the get together in Indianapolis. It just escaped my planning cycle. But I laid concrete plans to attend next year’s. I called in an old favor for posh accommodations and just need to work transport. If I see you there I’ll buy you a beer.

    It seems some key names got statiked out of your broadcast. I hope it is easily corrected interference.

    In my day Yucatan was pronounced YOU-ca-tan (or YOU-ca-tawn). Maybe with all the drek and proximity to Atzalan the “YUCK” pronunciation is appropriate now. Back in the day it was poor but kind of pretty and a great destination for college kids on spring break.

    In the bit about anti-necromancy laws you mention it helped marginalize minorities – something that never happened in the Fifth World. I know you were being sarcastic but you have listeners that don’t know drek about the Fifth World. You know I’m an old-school USA patriot but when I remember some of those laws we had in the so-called “good old days” it pains me like a sock to in gut. We had that drek plenty.

    That said, there is a case against necromancy. Aside from religious-based ethical arguments, a spirit called back into the body ain’t necessarily the person that belonged to it. At worst it might be a malicious spirit driving the body and personality like a rigger. A critter like that isn’t scary like an actual shedim but it is a ticking time bomb. At best, the soul already flew into the great beyond and what’s called up is an animated collection of habits, personality traits, and other egoic super structures developed over a lifetime. A very high functioning zombie or low functioning AI infused meat body, if you will. Necromancy utility/hazard depends on the tradition, the spell, the caster, and the intent. And I’m not even going into astrological alignments. Frightening stuff for a Mage, let alone a muggle. I don’t touch it.

    1. Yeah, replacing a body’s spirit is bad mojo. But I was more talking about the sort that just animate corpses, not possess them.
      And yeah, unfortunately you are right. The 5th world did indeed have its darker moments…
      I’ll be in Indy next year, too. Beers it is!
      Oh, and the static… that damn elf is going to get sternly talked to one day. He is more than a bit hypocritical about his modus operandi…

      1. Blech. Because re animating the deceased as stinky straight up zombies is SO respectful of the dead and NOT creepy at all. OK, yeah I’ve got a couple enemies I’d contemplate doing that to. But most are alive and the ones that aren’t I worked too hard to get that way. Again, it’s bokor drek that I leave to those houngan Hoodoo Voodoo.

        I look forward to seeing you in Indy. Um, don’t freak if I show up in a suit looking corp-ish instead of wearing the usual Army surplus. The deal for the posh digs specified I had to fit in. But you can guilt me into springing for real beer instead of soy suds.

        Damn Elves…Speaking of which, say yo to RBS for me.

        1. Damn elves indeed!
          And this is coming from someone who is elven and proud of it!
          Get some pointy ears, get access to magic and all of a sudden you think you are Elrond High Lord of Middle Earth or some drek like that.
          Man I sometimes wonder about my people.

  2. When you create a country envisioned by bored D&D nerds based on pipe dreams, mis-interpreted legends, and bad 20th Century fantasy writing you create a nation destined to fail. Immortal Elven “Princes” and promised lands my lilly-white elven posterior! Really, you are going to convince me that you are some divine rulers, this is your divine kingdom by birthright, and such drek? Give me a fraggin’ break.
    Man people have really been drinking deeply from the Flavor Aid (and still do!) on this one. Biggest sham of the 21st Century I say! It’s only a matter of time when reality comes to roost (or the very real dragons you collaborate with). You find that the bull you are shovelin’ is just that, a big load of drek. Reminds me of the whole Thule obsession that contributed to the Nazi’s gaining power before World War 2. Frag, the parallels between the Tir and Nazi Germany are so damn close it would make your head spin! You would think people would get a clue. Alas people do not wish to be informed, and history does repeat itself.

    By the way the convention in Indy rocked, and was good times! I only had to go on duty a few times to help patch a few people up. Bummer you couldn’t make it Opti. Perhaps another year.

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