1 thought on “Episode 26: 2056: Aleph, Dragon Citizens, Election Shenanigans, and Bull

  1. The way I heard it, the whole thing with Bull and Johnny 99 started when they tried rescuing Maria Mercurial from some Azzie drek-heads. They got a bit “creative” during the rescue and decided to reallocate some funds from the other team to their own accounts, and fake it as embezzlement. Ork thinks he’s the next Garlthik One-Eye or something.

    It would have been less embarrassing if he hadn’t botched the last bit. You ever try explaining to your boss why some ork with a scrap-heap deck and a shaman who doesn’t even know who his fraggin mentor spirit is managed to outmaneuver you, a professional assassin, and a team of trained security experts? Yeah. Long story short, you don’t.

    The video was fragging hilarious, though. Definitely worth the hassle of all the bombs and cameras and all that drek.

    That’s what I heard, anyways.

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