Episode 17: 2040-2043: Mars, Dragons, Corps

Episode 17: 2040 through 2043. Dragons do dragony stuff, Ehran the Scribe proves that a broken clock is right twice a day, and We get to see what is on mars…not. And, as promised, here are the pictures from the various Mars probes. Click below to listen to episode 17 or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

This is the fake pic that was placed on Ares' Cydonia to discredit the mission.
This is the fake pic that was placed on Ares’ Cydonia to discredit the mission.
This is the legit picture from NASA's 2001 mission showing the bones of what appears to be a large draconic-looking creature with pyramids in the background.
This is the legit picture from NASA’s 2001 mission showing the bones of what appears to be a large draconic-looking creature with pyramids in the background.
This is the true picture from NASA's 2011 mission showing only various pyramids from an aerial view.
This is the true picture from NASA’s 2001 mission showing only various pyramids from an aerial view.

Shadowland and Jackpoint uploads for sources and further reading:
Aztlan Sourcebook
Clutch of Dragons
Corporate Guide
Germany Sourcebook
Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
Shadows of North America
Shadowrun 20th Anniversary
Sixth World Almanac
Target: UCAS
Tir Na Nog Sourcebook
Tir Tairngire: The Land of Promise
Universal Brotherhood

11 thoughts on “Episode 17: 2040-2043: Mars, Dragons, Corps

  1. Woah, that is nuts. It never occurred to me to actually check for that sort of information.

    That skeleton is blowing my mind right now. Crazy drek.

  2. Opti lad, great ‘cast.
    And you’re commin’ in loud and clear and true, keep up the awesome work fella.

  3. Salutations Opti-san, while your presentation leaves much to be desired, the information you are offering any willing to listen is of great worth.
    I think I will point my students at your podcast, mayhap your simpler presentation will leave a mark on their soft minds.

    Stay safe, in our occupation paranoia is a survival trait.

  4. Opti!
    You’re show Rocks!!!
    It’s absolutely bloody essential to have some one how can pull the veil off all the bulldrek that’s flying around, and give us the bare naked truth – and you do it perfectly!
    I just discovered your show a few weeks ago – a big nod to the Critical Glitch – and just zipped through all your pods…
    Please! Just keep ’em coming…

    BTW – about that fake Ares Cydonia pic… well… Lets just say I have manage to get my cyberhand on a supposedly more… lets say “legitimate” copy – a one in which you can actually see what was replace with that 1950’s-B-movie-of-an-excuse-of-a flying saucer… a copy I might be willing to part with…

    It did cost my that cyberhand so… a few Neuyen would be appreciated…

    1. Cred tranfer en route… hook a ‘runner up, wouldja? Send the file, encrypted of course. It’ll see the light of day…. and thanks, a few more episodes should be coming very soon…

  5. Konbon Wa, Tomo.
    Opti, your podcast continues to excel, and I congratulate your making the transition from runner to fixer.
    It sounds like your considering branching out from a strictly linear format to the occasional topical shows, so I have some requests:
    The History of the Big Ten. Who are they are, where they came from, what do they do. How their ranks have changed over the years.
    Runner prep work: A lot of would-be runners are killed due to sloppy preparation and planning. Give the poor slobs some a few pointers on how to negotiate with a Johnson, what to bring and how to run recon. Might help keep the next generation alive and might do some good for us old hands.
    SIN and Surveillance: When I started running, you had to be on Corp property, or damn close to it, to risk being spotted on camera. Now, Knight Errant has near-constant drone fly-overs in the Redmond Barrens and I have to cycle between 4 different fake SINs just to pick up my groceries.
    Magic in the shadows: How awakened runners contribute to the rest of the them, and what a unawakened runner should do when confronting hostile or dangerous magic.
    Keep fighting the good fight. Drop me a line if you’re ever in the Tir.

  6. Sliver, you are correct, the format of the show will change slightly… or dramatically…. based on the topic at hand. I plan on mixing it up between historical shows, shows about particularly cool runs, shows about particular people in the shadows, and topical shows, many of the topics you have suggested are already cooking in the pan (the AAA corps, for example). The others are actually really good ideas, so I will keep those in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Opti,

    It has been a while since I promised a certain photo – and for a good reason.
    I appears this photo, and the data I had along with it, is as hot as it was when I first put my hands on it, all those years ago – which will count to about 17…!
    To summarize – I had a wee bit of a drek-storm all around me.
    Not long after posting here, I had all secure… well, more in the lines of “secure” as it turns out… data stores hacked and wiped, 2 of my safe houses broken into, and third one simply blown up due to a “gas leak” – all in a time span of under 48 hours.
    But that was only the beginning.
    A contact I had in ARES space – a low ranking staffer in one of their main data storing facilities here in Seattle was suddenly and swiftly promoted and shipped overseas. Another one, a more higher up suit I had… a grip on, disappear while on vacation.
    Fixers began to go mute on me, until one finally coughed up that some nasty corp guy is looking for me, with a vengeance.
    After that, things went haywire a lot faster – a hell of a lot faster…
    Let’s just say I’ll need a new cyberhand (yeah, the same one, again) and to hook up with a new team – and I’ll be doing it someplace else.
    Across the pond sounds nice.

    Any how, I was going to send you the full data run down I had, but as I said, all my data stores were totally and utterly wiped…
    From the bits and pieces I managed to salvage the actuall photo I talk about poped up – so, for what it’s worth, I’m linking to it – it’s on a no-security, over-redundancy public server, so hopefully, it’ll stay up for a while.
    The quality is kind of drek, but hey, that’s all I manage to salvage…


    Supposedly, it should be the real deal…
    Otherwise – I just got a whole bunch of people killed… for drek… now that a happy thought for you right there…

    Any way, see around.
    And keep the truth up


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