12 thoughts on “All New Episode B: Anti-Anarchy Brings the BEEF! Or was that Synthfish?

  1. Dear (faux) Opti,

    When I shove the shovel you use to sling that drek sideways up your hoop, is it OK that I cover it in Stuffer Shack Nova Hot SoySiracha first? I’m told everything goes better with Nova Hot SoySiracha. Or will you be too distracted as my chummers stomp on your face repeatedly? I can arrange for them to pour it on their boots, if it helps.

    Seriously, you’ve made your point, counted your coup. If you exfiltrate now and leave the real Opti in good health you’ve got a semi decent chance of hiding until our collective wrath dissipates. But if you wait for us to seize the initiative when the stars are right I can’t guarantee the worst of my threats may be your best case scenarios.

  2. Girls and boys, come out to play,
    The moon doth shine as bright as day;
    Leave your supper, and leave your sleep,
    And come with your playfellows into the street.

    I just told Dirtnap that you stole Opti and stole his Stretch Armstrong. Even a Docwagon platinum plan won’t save you, now.

    1. I can doubly vouch that any contracts you slags who have hijacked Opti may have with DocWagon will be permanently terminated. Good fraggin’ luck.

  3. Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY should be equated with those Winternight bastards! That’s a low fragin’ blow. Good luck getting out of the hole you are diggin’.

  4. I’ve learned a few things over the last few weeks. Did you know that Opti has fans all over the world? For example I was contacted recently by an all ghoul shadowrun team that was comprised of a bunch of former Halloweeners. Turns out they have a really strange but strict code of honor. And for reasons that they won’t elaborate to me about they claim to owe Opti a debt. They contracted me to track down who you are Fake Opti. They don’t like what you’ve done. You better hope that real Opti is still alive, because that’s the only thing that might save you’re skin at this point.

    They want you and when they find you the heavens will weep at the things they’re going to do to you.

  5. I for one welcome our corporate overlords. After all you just can’t beat the safety and quality of life that only a triple-A can deliver. And such great and generous pricing plans too! Why would anyone not want the luxury and the convenience that only corporate life can offer? Just apply at your local corporate office today!

    1. You know, there might be some merit to what you say…No, wait, there isn’t. If you run to the corporate door without a SIN they slam the door in your face. Who are the SINless? Everyone who doesn’t fit a cookie cutter vision of what’s “right”. A cookie cutter vision concocted by nutcases. We’re not even talking predjudice against Orks and Trolls. In the old days there were set, unjust standards. But now SINless have no chance to get on board because the standard is not only restrictive, it changes faster than the weather. (and half the time crazy and contradictory) If you do get in you’re on a razor’s edge. Break a single rule or piss off the wrong corporate bigwig or get on the wrong side of an internal corp struggle and you’re out. If not geeked. Where do you think the shadows get so much corp trained runner talent?

  6. [SCRMBL;alt-ptn#LL10102077]Don’t focus 2 much on this “fake 0971” persona. Where’s much light, there’s much shadows to hide into. That’s all I’m saying.[/SCMRBL]

  7. Good news. I have proof of life from Opti. This is certainly good news for faux Opti too. This means their window of opportunity is still open to slink away to the rocks they crawled out from under.

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