Episode 22: 2052: Bioware, BTLs, and Bugs

Episode 22: 2052: Bioware, BTLs, and Bugs. Featured Shadowrunners: Dirk Montgomery and Da’ Profezzur. Click below to listen to episode 22 or go to¬†future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

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  • Heath says:

    This has become my favorite podcast. Keep puttin’ the truth out there Opti!!

  • Gary says:

    Love this podcast! Production! Content! Music! All Awesome and all in Character. Keep up the awesome work.

    P.s. Hoe can I listen to this on my android phone?

    • Knytfyre says:

      Hey G-Man, look under the player and you’ll see a nice little button, bottom left, that’s the Download button. Click it and put the mp3 on that new beast you carry. You’ll have to dl in advance of course. I know I could have called you, but posting here was just too fun.

  • gary says:

    @Knytfyre. yah……that doesn’t work cause that mythical button you speak off……yah it doesn’t display on my screen. Frak!!!

  • Opti says:

    Yeah, sorry about the Android stuff, guys. I am at a loss with new fangled tech from the 2010’s…

  • B-Gizzle says:

    You can read more about Haberstam and his experiments earlier exploits in the Virtual Realities book. He was trying to breed a “super” hacker out of humans. It’s a great read. That was basically the gist of threats with the children in his experiments taken to the next level. It’s a great read and written by Tom Dowd.

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