8 thoughts on “Episode 22: 2052: Bioware, BTLs, and Bugs

  1. Love this podcast! Production! Content! Music! All Awesome and all in Character. Keep up the awesome work.

    P.s. Hoe can I listen to this on my android phone?

    1. Hey G-Man, look under the player and you’ll see a nice little button, bottom left, that’s the Download button. Click it and put the mp3 on that new beast you carry. You’ll have to dl in advance of course. I know I could have called you, but posting here was just too fun.

  2. @Knytfyre. yah……that doesn’t work cause that mythical button you speak off……yah it doesn’t display on my screen. Frak!!!

  3. You can read more about Haberstam and his experiments earlier exploits in the Virtual Realities book. He was trying to breed a “super” hacker out of humans. It’s a great read. That was basically the gist of threats with the children in his experiments taken to the next level. It’s a great read and written by Tom Dowd.

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