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Hey! If you are new here and want to know where to start listening, here are a few tips!

For Shadowrun History, please go all the way back to the beginning, episode 1. While this may seem unnecessary, we don’t all┬álisten to podcasts the same way. In this case, however, if you jump in to the current episodes without listening to the others first, it may seem like attending the midpoint of a math class without having been at the earlier classes. Confusion might occur.

In addition to the Shadowrun history podcast, we now also have the Shadowrun Origins Actual Play. That is a totally separate podcast, with its own feed, so make sure you grab both to enjoy maximum shadowrun goodness. Both podcasts will be updated on the website, though, and will be labeled accordingly.

Here is a helpful guide to the Neo-Anarchist history podcasts:


If the episode has a year attached (ex. 2052), then it is historical in nature. And while it will touch upon other things, like Dear Opti questions, runner tales, or other nonsense, it is primarily there to deliver history of the Shadowrun universe.

Chummer Episodes:

Once upon a time, we did a fundraiser to get Opti and Bull into Shadowrun: Hong Kong. It worked, and those who donated at a high enough level, got the chance to hear an entire episode about that character and their interaction with Opti. These are fun stories that may or may not be canon in the Shadowrun Universe.

Corporation Specials:

Every once in a while, Opti will gather enough intel on a specific corporation to give out secrets and vital details about one of the more important corporations in Shadowrun history. These are long, detailed episodes, that focus on only that company.

Other Specials:

Once in a while, when things either need to be said, or stick in Opti’s craw, he will do a special episode about it. The most (in)famous one of these is the Language Special. You’ll just have to listen for yourself.


Hope that helps, Chummers!

8 thoughts on “Where To Start

  1. Hey chummer, love your podcast – I can tell you put a lot of effort in, and it really shows!

    I just switched my comm from an android to a Windows phone, and unfortunately I cannot see your feed in the podcast lists – any thoughts? or do you have a direct rss feed address I might grab your output on?

    Keep on fighting the good fight Opti!


  2. Hello!

    I’d like to start listening to your podcast from the beginning, but first episodes are missing on podomatic (tried the first three). Do you have any other public resource to get them?

  3. Hoi Chummer!

    Great podcast! I’ve been listening to you and most of the shadowcasters network now for many moons and always enjoyable. One thing I did notice is in your teams “6th edition game” where you introduce us to the beginners box by having your characters play (I LOVE this btw) around the 1 hour mark your audio gets…. chopped up. There’s a repeat section about breaking down the door, and then Opti’s turn gets somethings left out… it goes through your minor action to matrix preception, but skips what Opti did with his(or her? Female dwarf decker) major action, but the players reference guns having been shot.


    1. There was some chop – all my fault, because during that bit, there was some personal information dropped which made it to air, so I had to scramble quick and quick edit that bit out, but I think I may have chopped too much… alas.

      1. Ahhh no worries! Totally understand. I imagine the action was Opti hacked a gun to make it fire based on comments later in the podcast! Keep up the great work!

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