Episode 9: 2017-2020: Great Ghost Dance, Seattle

‘Runners, this is a big one. The Great Ghost Dance goes down and Seattle takes its place as the Sprawl we all know and hate. 2017-2020 in Shadowrun history. Click below to listen to episode 9 or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

Shadowland and Jackpoint uploads for sources and further reading:
Shadows of Asia
Sixth World Almanac
Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
Shadowrun 20th Anniversary
Shadows of North America
Corporate Guide

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  • Z-Trip says:

    ///Compiling:Courier Sprite;
    {Delivering Message};

    “Even as a technomancer, or maybe especially because I am one, this stream is one of the few light houses that guide my path.”



  • Bravehawk says:

    The brothers and sisters that gave their lives for the Great Ghost Dance are heroes. Shame about the collateral, but you can’t make an omelette…

  • Eric da' MAJ says:

    It was ugly to be sure. Gotta watch that collateral though – it can come back to bite. Also, my theory about the 6th World is all factions – the corps, the dragons, the countries, the policlubs – just want to make a world saving omelette. The problem is all they see are eggs and skillets.

  • Eric da' MAJ says:

    Coincidentally, RadRiver wrote a Ballad of Daniel Howling Coyote. Here it is:


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