Dunkelzahn: The Musical Special Episode

Dunkelzahn: The Musical Special Episode: Check out the interview with three of the people responsible for bringing you the ultimate in… low cost musical entertainment. A touching tale about love, loss, and other L-words… Check out the musical for yourself here. Click below to listen to Opti’s musical interview or go to¬†future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

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  • Captain Calico Jack says:

    Such a fruit. Well at least he has good one liners going for him.

  • Doc Falcon says:

    I’m still working on the medical paperwork over the whole mess. Worst night of my life this year….all over a crappy armature production. At least it could have been something original like the time half the Redmond Barrens was practically nuked up back in the late ’50s. Or that Aries subsidiary Christmas party gone bad thanks to The Army of The Yellow Sign back in ’67. But no, chaos and mayhem all due to someone making a silly, poorly written church play about dragons. What next, some kids get skragged in a mysterious drone strike for trying to do a “Neil The Ork Barbarian” fan film in their back yard? Makes you wonder if things are getting that bad or there was more to this incident. Either way looks like myself and my fellows are going to be busier than usual if this is the kind of drek we are going to be facing this year.

    • Doc Falcon says:

      That would be “Ares”. That’s what I get when my mind is on paperwork and the autocorrect is on the fritz. You would think being an employee of one the largest medical corporations in the world that we would have up to date software.

    • Opti says:

      The end result will live in infamy, though!

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