Belker – Chummer Episode Special

Belker – Chummer Episode Special: it is my pleasure to spin a yarn to all the little crows about the time Belker and me first met. Related as a special thank you to Belker for donating to the crow-fund. Thanks, chummer. Click below to listen to the story of Belker and Opti or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

7 thoughts on “Belker – Chummer Episode Special

  1. Chummers,
    It seems the “future Aries subsidiary” resents that claim. The ep is not showing up. Or maybe my commlink is drek. Fortunately I found a rebroadcast through a secondary source.

  2. Just tried it again and no joy. Can’t get the newest one either. But if nobody else is complaining than it must be my comm link. Dammit! I miss cell phones.

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