Sendaz – Chummer Episode Special: An Ork Tale

Sendaz Crowfunding Episode: I get to relate a tale that Sendaz and me heard on a run, specifically regarding Ork origins, as told by an Ork Matriarch. Related as a special thank you to Sendaz for donating to the crow-fund. Thanks, chummer.<strong>Click below to listen to the Ork Tale or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

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  • Sendaz says:

    Most excellent indeed, am glad this tale could be brought forward. 🙂

  • Eric da MAJ says:

    Just not right away. Nothin’ against Orks – ‘specially since my fellow Elves ain’t done me no favors. (There’s a few whose life span I’d like to cut short now-ish in fact) But I gotta spend more of my awakened life outside of prison/coma before I can get behind that.

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