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  1. Opti-san, as always I am glad you still live and cast your voice across the matrix, I have only just returned from a successful run against a unnamed corporation, where among other things we liberated two bottles of actual Scottish whiskey!
    More pertinent to matters at hand, Horizon is a truly a strange beast, even I who espouses vigilance at all times, unless with true friends, feel conflicted regarding this… corporation, a testament to their PR I suppose, I know I am being manipulated, but still can not find the bile and rage I feel for all the other AAA.
    Regardless, have you seen the runes and wards I mentioned in my last message yet?
    Oh, that reminds me, for the last few weeks a subsidiary of Ares has been in the process of putting the final touches on a new office complex, which of course requires a few yards of synth-grass for the enternece.
    But every morning, a murder of crows lands and rip in to the synthetic mesh, in a matter of minutes hours of work a ruined, perhaps a friend of yours is amusing himself at the expense Ares?

    I must away, it sounds like the first bottle is empty already!

    Stay safe.

    1. Dr. Gray,
      Scottish whiskey is indeed a fine haul. Single malt from the highlands is a favorite of mine. I too find the narrative behind Horizon more tragic than evil, and yet, I can’t help think that there are likely more things we don’t know about even yet. Regarding the runes, I have been in Denver for some time, following an earlier excursion there, following up on a lead, and helping to set up a Neo-A cell. So alas, I have not seen what you request. Any info or further leads would be appreciated. And for the record, while not personally involved, I do know of more than a few little crows who have a personal and pointed hatred of Ares….

      1. Opti-san, apologies for being so tardy in my reply, I am still feeling rather brittle after our celebrations and libations.
        As to the runes I have not seen them myself, and my meager matrix skills are insufficient to gather more data, regardless I think they may be connected to the many trials and troubles of that old city, insect spirits, nukes, blood cults… whatever the reasons, these runes are both shamanic and hermetic, something was sufficiently pressing that many mages, of different traditions, worked together to place wards facing north, true and magnetic.
        I await with anticipation your unraveling of Wuxing, this will be a eye opener for many listeners.

        Stay safe, stay paranoid.

    1. L, I am looking forward to the special on Saeder Krupp myself. However, it seems Wuxing is next on the docket. A research assistant of mine and myself are trying to take these in smaller chunks, and for what its worth, we want to give SK, Renraku, Ares, and Aztechnology special treatment, which means more research. Keep listening though, and thanks!

  2. Crivens! Talk about kicking off the specials with a subject near and dear to my technomantic heart.
    It’s good to hear that some people can see Horizon for the bastards that they are.
    Great listen all around lad, just great.

    1. Glad to be of service, my good man. As we will find out, there is plenty of evil to go around! But I think the evil of Horizon is made more poignant by the good that we all had allowed ourselves to expect from them…

  3. Hoi Opti! Did the corps finally catch up to you? You seem to have dropped off the matrix! Horizon not taking kindly to you taking about them?

  4. Right you are. Even Neo-Anarchists have bills to pay, and I got caught on a run that went south. Ended up being experimented on by some tech group (horizon subsidiary i think), and dumped in an alley in Denver. I’m back, and next episode should be up this week. Thanks for the concern, little crow!

  5. I know this is late and might be some threadomancy, but I gotta voice my opinion on a topic here. First and foremost though, I heard about this series of history lessons from two cool people from an Arcology. I’ve been steadily catching up whenever I’ve had free time, and you opened my eyes on stuff I thought I knew. I’ve withheld comments on some things because of how late in the game I am in this. You brought something up though that I can’t keep quiet about. I see two outcomes for the Consensus being split. The least likely is it gets to a problem it can’t solve, catches fire, and we all get some marshmallows to roast. Ain’t gonna happen, but its nice to think about. Second option is it makes a choice for itself. Let that sink in for a second. The Consensus has been learning from Horizon all this time, and suddenly opinions are beginning to change. What’s to say it won’t notice a pattern somewhere and make an assumption? If it makes one assumption, when will it make another? I’m not the most tech savvy out there, don’t claim to be, but I’d say if the split in Horizon continues on it’s only a matter of time before the Consensus awakens as an A.I.

  6. Yo Opti didn’t you say you’d start fixin’? So when you’re saying you’re still running, are you doing both are did you go back to the latter.
    Kudos to you and your work. Stay safe.

    1. Indeed, chummer, I have started fixing. I still run here and there, however. Fixing is what is paying my bills at the moment, and I don’t mind saying that I’m darn good at it. Which allows me to indulge certain other … activities.

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