Shadowrun Origins Actual Play

The Neo-Anarchist Podcast proudly presents: Shadowrun Orgins: An Actual Play podcast set in the classic era of Shadowrun’s 2050s.

Shadowrun Origins features a lovely cast of runners making their way through the classic adventures of Shadowrun’s first edition. There will be downtime and off-beat missions as well, but by listening, you’ll be able to grok some data you may not have had the time or group to play through yourself.

We’ll be using 5th edition rules… for now… but with allowances for the technology and happenings relevant to the 2050s.


The lovable neo-anarchist himself! Before his beliefs are fully formed, before his network is active, and before Raven, this human shaman is down on his luck. Follow Opti and his mentor – Dog – as he tries to do right… and fails.


Our human chef-turned-street-samurai with a knack for fine dining… and more exes than you can shake an Ares Predator at!


An Ork rigger, she somehow manages to look nice in her dresses while still bringing the mechanized support. Rumor has it she can sing, too.


A handsome human man with a dancers grace. His perfect clothes and silver hair give him a distinguished look that compliments his young face. He’s world-weary, but does the face-job real well.

Pixie Fire

It’s 2050, where would we be without our elven decker. Pixie is a wiz with decks. Her right arm is black cyber. Her hair looks like the Aurora Borealis, and her style is grunge, circa 1990, but she gets the job done. And how.