9 thoughts on “Rainbowsmite – Chummer Episode Special

  1. Chummer,

    RainbowSmite, eh?

    – An elve that isn’t necessarily fond of elves
    – Disillusioned with past causes/allies
    – Has an axe (and other edged weapons) to grind against certain authority figures
    – Resents authorities in general
    – Remembers the 20th Century fondly
    – Likes the original Irish and animals

    Truly a gal after my own heart! Too bad our respective life objectives/enemies are on opposite ends of the globe. Even so, I get the odd damp job from time to time and might enlist with her, if that’s OK.

    I’ve poor luck with recent recruits claiming specialization/interest in that area. They fail my vetting process where I offer ’em a “kid contract” – half up front, half when the dirty deed is done. The contract is like corporate altruism (i.e., no kid to geek) and I call it off before they find out. I let ’em keep the generous initial fee but I NEVER call them again. Those with unseemly interest go on a “May Require Accident”* list. Runners who turn it down get thanked for their time (plus maybe a drink) and, if they’re not too angry, go on my “A” or “B” list. Manipulative, I admit, but how can you trust Runners with 0 scruples?

    *Accidents include, but are not limited to: automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, wrathful spirits, slips, trips, falls, elevators, escalators, Stuffer Shack cyanide/salmonella poisoning, choking, warrantless/nonsensical law enforcement intervention/apprehension/incarceration/preventative shooting, falling/misfiring drones, spontaneous combustion, street doc error, catastrophic cyber malfunction, in chamber HE ammunition explosion, respiratory over hydration, edged item induced hemorrhaging, street ganger rumble collateral damage, go ganger highway robbery overkill, radiation overdose, BTL overdose, grenade misplacement/detonation, prejudiced corporate extraction/retirement, unforeseen fatal acid rain allergy, olfactory ghoul attractant, Troll inflicted anti Humanis Policlub remedial contusion based therapy, ungenerous organized crime offers, mysterious Black Ice accumulations, high altitude sourced instant deceleration injuries, monofilament whip error, random awakened creature assault, and lead poisoning. The 6th World is so dangerous!

  2. “You ever get tired of beating your head against the Danaan, I know a crew in Hong Kong that could use some help. Got a mess of free spirits and blood mages to deal with, someone that has such a strong resistance to mojo could come in handy. Could be a chunk of nuyen in it for you, so if you find yourself in Hong Kong look us up.” – Taelin

  3. Ey rainbowsmite, so it was you I noticed in the background when I picked up opti the ares thing, no wonder I had heartburn. Just as well I had a drink on hand!

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