Info And A Job: CapBNimble

Episode 85: Info And A Job: CapBNimble: This is a personal job, crows, as many of mine are. But it is also outrageous, nearly impossible, and likely insane, with too many moving parts and too many variables, including larger than life matrix personalities. So take this one only if you go big or go home. Take this only if you always take big jobs and somehow manage to come out on top. Take this one only if you care about me not geeking you if you mess it up.

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“Why Should I Worry (Street Runner Flair)” – Opti Sings the Hits

This was by request of a patron. I’m no Billy Joel, but as long as you keep listening to my drekky lounge act, who am I to argue? This one’s about a street wise runner, who gets around just fine. Bonus karma to those of you who know where the song is from…

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