NeoNET Corporation Special

NeoNET Corporation Special: It won’t be too much longer before everyone will have the name of NeoNET on their lips, one way or the other. It is time to give the low down on the Corp that rose from the ashes of other corps before it. You wanna know why Boston is getting headlines? Wanna know who Richard Villiers is? Wanna know what happened to Novatech, Fuchi, and Transys-Neuronet? Tune in.
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3 thoughts on “NeoNET Corporation Special

  1. Opti! Good to see you kicking around omae! I just recently started listening to your Truthcasting and, before I knew it, I had taken in all that pay data and was left wanting more! Glad to see I didn’t have to wait as long as some of the chummers here.

    Good to have you back exposing another Mega-Corp.

    P.S. It seems there has been an on going issue with the Year of the Comet upload in that it doesn’t seem to want to play — any idea on how to fix this? Or is my commlink just refusing to work with me?

    Once again, biggest of thanks from one of your newest little crows.

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