17 thoughts on “Language Special Episode

  1. You’re seriously not getting enough comments. Your show is pretty amazing so far. I’m a huge fan of Shadowrun, but I never really understood the lore. Do you get any kind of credit for these? Does it matter if I listen to it here or download it from iTunes?

  2. Thanks for the praise. I’ve been out of town, so I didn’t reply as soon as I wanted. No, I don’t get any kind of credit, except for the enjoyment of doing it and the praise from fans (of which there aren’t many, lol). And no, it doesn’t matter at all if you listen here or in iTunes. Thanks for listening, chummer!

  3. Well, your personality is great, the information is delivered well, I can’t image why you wouldn’t get more interest. I know you advertise Critical Glitch, I’m assuming they’ve advertised you in return, but have you advertised it on Reddit or any of the popular Shadowrun forums? With 5th edition rolling out, Shadowrun Returns days away, and Shadowrun Online off in the distance, there should be plenty of new blood to indoctrinate into the cause.

  4. Hoi Opti!

    Just scanned your whole stream, from slot to chip… Wiz show you run brother!

    When I first heard you say “shy-wayse”, I thought, “man, another slot who can’t grok basic Jap”… Then you told your story about your omae who got uppity that you wouldn’t pronounce it right, and I thought, “Nope, everything is right with this world, too.” After that, anything you said that I say different I just figured was the diff tween you and me, ne?

    Keep broadcasting chummer! People need what you do, and what you do is wiz! This is one decker that’ll have your back when you need it! 😉


  5. Hey Opti lad, love the truth you drop man.
    But I’d be glitched if’n I didn’t say that the last few ‘casts sound somewhat muted.
    Not sure if it’s the ‘cast or my commlink though…

  6. First of these I’ve listened to, just getting back into Shadowrun after a long time away. Very nice work! Some of these I knew, but the elf ones I didn’t. Looking forward to catching up + the new ones coming!

  7. Love the work that you do, Opti! Keep bringin’ the truth to the slots out there, brother! From me to you, you really should get more fans! I’ll go post your stuff around and see who I can bring back. *snickers at Raven convincing you to pronounce things wr… er, differently!*

  8. OPTI,
    Thanks for all you do my man, and a special thanks for this episode. I’m horrible at pro-nun-she-a-shun and getting to hear some place pronounced correctly, certainly helped.
    A bud of mine, Gary (He commented on ep 22 I think) slotted me your podcast, and as a long time fan, and GM of SR, gotta say, loving every minute of your blasts of truth. Keep rollin’ brother.

  9. Thank you so much for this omae. Being a non-meta, I have often wondered how the elvish pronounce their drek, and this has helped a lot. I didn’t have a problem with Shiawase, but in all honesty, it still sounds more like an Amerindian tribe name than a fragging japanese name to me. Keep preaching the truth chummer. Too many greenhorns out there that need to have this slotted in their brainpans.

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