Info and a Job: First Nations Appropriations

Info and a Job: First Nations Appropriations: Here is the lowdown on the little Seattle gang that could. They aren’t so little anymore. Now they are kindof a pain in the hoop. That’s perhaps why I have a job for you that deals with these guys. But first, all you need to know about the all-Amarind gang. Click below to listen to First Nations Appropriations or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes, or various other podcast apps on your commlinks and Subscribe!

3 thoughts on “Info and a Job: First Nations Appropriations

  1. Opti,
    I’m curious. Why would there be a Native American only Go-Gang in Seattle – or any UCAS/CAS/CFS area? Not all Ancients can move to the Tir. But most of the continent is now NAN territory. All these feather and synthetic buck skin wearing fraggers have to do is hop a border and all the open highways of the former USA are at their disposal. Barring some NAN traffic laws, poor road upkeep in some areas, and certain critters, it’s a motorhead’s dream. And it’s not like there’s a shortage of criminal opportunities there either if that’s their other motivation. Whereas in the UCAS/CAS/CFS they have to deal with hard feelings over the whole Ghost Dance thing.

    1. The first nations got started a while ago, back when things were a lot more in flux. And like any other thing, they were started by people banding together to gain more power for themselves. The mafia, the yakuza, the halloweeners, etc., it doesn’t matter what they thing is, people will bind themselves to the smallest thing if it means identity. And for the First Nations, in the midst of Metropolitan and diverse Seattle, that thing was their native heritage.

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