1 thought on “Episode 72: 2067: Corporation EVOlution.

  1. Sweet truth chummer! Spirits are one of the few places magic and technology have converging philosophical territory. For millennia mages have dismissed spirits’ sentience out of hand. Much the same way some modern scientists dismiss an AI’s. They were/are tools to be used and dismissed or discarded as necessary. But a close look reveals that attitude ultimately dismissive of magic and techs’ own respective disciplines.

    As you said, spirits are pulled from their realm in the astral or even generated. AIs are the outgrowth of matrix tech. How sentient can either of them be? Where is the line? And do you grant them legal status? I’ve never run into a proper bug spirit. But based on stories I heard in Chicago, I’m not sure I’d grant them rights on this plane even if they promise to toe the line. And what happens when spirits outnumber metahumanity? A case can be made that some of them, like Buttercup, are MORE sentient than the average metahuman. Are they entitled to more rights because of that? What if AIs dominate the matrix and limit access/function for concessions? That’s when the tail will truly wag the dog.

    Much food for thought.

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