5 thoughts on “Episode 34b: 2064b: Crash 2.0. All is lost.

  1. Gotta tell ya Chummer. I’ve a 200grain pill for that hoop skipper Puck’s ear. I lost good friends that day. Never mind what he pulled in Denver….

  2. A sad ep indeed and makes the astral seem pedestrian by comparison. Grateful to hear it though. When I woke up a lot of chummers who ran the matrix were gone with no coherent explanation.

  3. I don’t know which was worse for me. My time in Chicago, or The Crash 2.0. Very difficult points in my life to be sure. When you dedicate your life to saving lives, and you are encountered with situations where you, your resources, your abilities and skills don’t mean drek…..it makes you really think. Sometimes it takes you places you don’t want to be.

  4. Drek…..I miss ol’ Cap too. I don’t think there is anyone, anywhere in the shadows who doesn’t. Listening to this again really opens up old wounds. Not blaming you Opti. It is what it is and it must be said, painful as it is…..You know as crappy as the times were in Chicago, and all the horrible stuff I experienced there, I can talk all about that without a problem. It’s my go to “There I was” spiel. Sure it hurts sometimes and there are many things I don’t easily like to talk about, but for some reason it’s not a problem as a whole……I just can’t bring myself to talk about anything in regards to Crash 2.0. I remember pondering why some war vets refused to even mention talking about their participation in the conflicts they were involved in. After Crash 2.0…..I know why. I revise my previous post, Crash 2.0 was without a doubt the worse time of my life. Only because it actually hurts to try to talk about it. So much happened…..so much…..

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