6 thoughts on “Episode 34a: 2064a: Stop! Hey, what’s that sound? Its global change.

  1. Madre de Muerta! You can always count on Azzie creepiness. They’ll never be the worst of the worst but they’ll always be in the running with an extra dose of Eew. Am looking forward to hearing about the Council of Pricks hose themselves and the Tir.

  2. Dear Opti,

    Hey featherhead! Why do you hang out with those fragging losers, the Halloweeners, when you come to Seattle? Why don’t you show your mug in Reno’s, a real shadowrunner hangout?

    Dog says I owe you a drink if you actually show. Frag if I know why.



    1. Ha! You caught me. Well, mostly biz at first, chummer. But Mr. Pink has been putting together a runner team, and he found some Halloweener gangers that fit his bill. Some of ’em are all right. Plus, I got a thing for Nightmare, and he let me borrow some of his gangers for the Ares run, so they know me and leave me be when I’m there. Plus, the Barrens around the Jackal’s Lantern don’t see much KE action, scan?

  3. A month is plenty of time for elections. That is when some brave, dedicated and insightful individuals have been making plans under the noses of the rich snobby D&D nerds “in charge” for many years! All while waiting for the prig’s fantasy world (ha!)to crumble, and the opportunity to do something decent presents itself. Yea, trying to keep the Tir together after the fallout hasn’t been easy, nor hasn’t been handled as best as it could have. However many dedicated souls saw the writing on the wall and prepared for the day when something needed to be done to keep everything from collapsing totally into chaos.
    Not to rant too much, but I got to say this. If those Tolkien worshipers were really some kind of rumored high hoidy toidy immortal elves that had birthright, real titles, and all that drek (which lets face it is truly bogus), I only got one message to say to them. Welcome to the Sixth World drekheads! All your “birthright”, rule, and kingdom stuff don’t mean crap in the modern world! You got what you deserved and what you got bit you in your lily-white elven asses. Oh and Mr. L, if you on the off chance you are reading this, don’t think you are safe with the Ancients, or that they are your personal serf/army. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya bucko.

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