5 thoughts on “Episode 30: 2060: Shutdown, Rogue AIs, Or’Zet & Orksploitation

  1. Opti,
    So does Or’Zet explain Neil the Ork Barbarian? It was one of the few interesting bits of mass media entertainment to make it into the prison. I always thought it curious, goofy as the character and show were, that the background seemed three dimensional with a mostly consistent interior logic. The show colored my initial view of orks with drek stereotypes – much like old 20th century black gangster films colored my views of black people. It took a fair amount of ‘runs as to correct the first just like it took years in the Army to correct the second. It really embarrasses me to admit that. But I’m prone to it. I don’t much like elves either.

    1. Nah. Neil was around in the 40’s. In fact, Orksploitation was sort of the opposite. “Neil” was a modern-day Ork transported back to the 4th world, and had all sorts of adventures there. He actually became something of a rally point for Ork activism. Orksploitation movies capitalized on the Or’Zet codex excitement by hastily producing low-budget films that reinforced the stereotypes people already had by justifying them with misuse of the new scholarship. In essence, taking advantage of the very people to whom they owe their artistic existence.

  2. Must of been the drugs messing with my memory again. At least I no longer believe I used to live in old Manhattan with five friends named Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel.

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