6 thoughts on “Episode 28: 2058: Rinelle ke’ Tesrae, Bug City Finale, and Arcology Upgrade.

  1. Re: “De’ Forest(?)”
    Optic, I hesitate to offer advice because God knows having a conscience hasn’t done me many favors. But from some doing good at least I sleep well at night (with a little Soyvodka help). So after your due diligence researching her story, help her out. Some conspiracies can be in your favor or maybe helpful if only in the short term.

    1. I am afraid my spirit isn’t letting me off the hook, here. I have Mr. Pink looking after her at the moment, and I know he has no problem geeking kids if things go south. Not my style, but at least I was able to get some sleep. Now all I gotta do is call in a favor from a decker pal and get her headwear checked out. But until I am able to get some more to her story, I am gonna be on edge.

  2. End of “Bug City” my ass! It’s still on today!
    If the public truly knew about half the drek going down during ’58 they would have been calling for another nuke. In fact some people in high places did consider it. I’m glad cooler heads prevailed or else I and at least 200 other elite responders wouldn’t be here today! I personally think it was due to the exposure of the Cabrini ghoul debacle that the higher ups thought twice. Then again that nice little “cleanup measure” they did let loose on the city killed at 20 of my fellow employees in the field! Do you know how hard it was back then to find qualified and experienced magical healers willing to put their lives on the line?
    I’m going to digress before I rant on how fragged up that entire situation was.

  3. Opti,

    Names Gestalt chummer. This airwave domination crew, is that before crash 2.0? I maybe a mancer of tech but I cant seem to find them on the matrix. I need to stop using so much long haul while drinking vodka. If your ever in the orc underground and need someones cybereyes bricked let me know. I am the only communist dwarf left in seattle. ……/////// end transmission \\\\\\\……..

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