6 thoughts on “Episode 27b: 2057 Election – Who Wins and Who Loses. Big stuff and Big Guests.

  1. Frag, Opti. I can’t believe there’s still people around doubting Dunkelzahn’s intentions. I guess they can’t be blamed. sixth World does that to you and we’ve had enough experience with dragons to know how messed up they can be. Still, he fought for the right causes.

    As an ork, myself, I know a lot about discrimination and stereotypes are like, and we could all have learned a lot from Big D if we had the chance. The 21st century bought forth way more changes than the whole millennium before it, but we should start getting used to respect and understand that different does not mean evil, be it someone that happens to have green skin or an incredibly ancient and powerful being.

    1. Yeah… I admit I liked him more after the fact, especially after learning some more personal details about him posthumously. There are some bright spots on the horizon, though. Don’t give up on hope or truth!

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