8 thoughts on “Episode 25: 2055: Compensation, Bugs, and Otaku

  1. Frag me that was good! I know you gotta have other pots cookin’, but don’t make us wait so long for the next broadcast. As for supporting the show, I’m good with that. I’m strapped for Nuyen but I got old 5th World pre UCAS/CAS specie I traded a chummer to for his matrix broadcasts about “Revolutions”. I’ll keep some for you when you hammer out the details.

  2. Hail, Crowfather! Your voice has been silent for far too long, omae. The shadows have great need of your brand of “Truthitude TM”, especially newcomers like me. Good looking out spreading the word that those in power don’t want us chummers in the shadows to know, neh

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