13 thoughts on “Episode 24: 2054: Crater Lake, Preacher, and a Tribute

  1. Man, I just mainlined this feed chummer, it was like kicking dead whales down the beach working today, so thought I’d jack in and see what the ‘anarchist had to say. Luckily those fine folks over at Critical Glitch sent me your way. Hopefully not too long until I can get another fix.

  2. Hey Opti,
    I just found your great data dump while preparing for the first shadowrun after more then ten years. I binge-listened through all episodes in a few days. Now I’m hoping for new stuff – i.e., your special history lessons for the years 2054 to 2075.
    Best regards, Low Life (Dwarven Techhead/Decker)

    1. Still hoping for a new sign of life… Btw: Listened to your “over the top” performance in epsiode 18 of the Arcology Podcast, today. It’s amazing how you can switch to your neo-anarchist persona live, and keep the pace up for minutes. Respect.

      1. well… if I were someone hoping for more episodes of the Neo-Anarchist Podcast, I would scurry over to the the Arcology Podcast’s Facebook page and help them with their contest to bring back the Neo-A. Scroll down to the thread that begins, “For those of you who have listened to episode 40, here is the beginning of your job” and help them reach their goal of 20 participants. I think they are at 13 right now….

  3. Hey Opti. I just noticed how long it had been since your last episode, and wanted to voice my support for your podcast. It got me interested in Shadowrun again, after a long time away, and I hope you put out more episodes.

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