Episode 18: 2044 to 2046: Aztlan gets greedy…er

Episode 18: 2044 to 2046: Aztlan gets greedy…er, the Sixth World music scene heats up, and green fungus goes surfing. Only 1 more episode left in Season 1, little crows! Click below to listen to episode 18 or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

Shadowland and Jackpoint uploads for sources and further reading:
Aztlan Sourcebook
California Free State
Native American Nations, Vol. 1
Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
Seattle: 2072
Seattle Sourcebook
Shadows of North America
Shadowrun 20th Anniversary
Sixth World Almanac
Target: UCAS
Tir Tairngire: The Land of Promise

2 thoughts on “Episode 18: 2044 to 2046: Aztlan gets greedy…er

  1. Hello again Opti-san, this was a healthy dose of history.

    On a more practical note, if any of you listeners ever find yourself on a run versus Aztech I have a few recommendations:
    1) Take a dose of anti nausea medication prior to the run, and a few more with you, trust me, you will need it.
    2) Spanish and Aztech knowsofts, Latin as well, if you can find any from a good source.
    3) If you are Awakend and capable of seeing in to the astral, be very very careful where you open the third eye.
    4) A few extra kilo of high grade explosives, or a fire spirit, you will probably want to burn the bloody place to its foundation.

    And lastly, read up on blood magic, you do not want to be blind sided by this…

    Stay safe, stay paranoid.

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