Episode 20: 2050: Legends and Lore

Episode 20: 2050 – Neo-Anarchist philosophy, sixth world news, and Shadow Legends. Welcome to season 2.
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Shadowland and Jackpoint uploads for sources and further reading:>
Corporate Download
Corporate Guide
Corporate Shadowfiles
Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
Seattle: 2072
Seattle Sourcebook
Shadows of North America
Shadowrun 20th Anniversary
Sixth World Almanac
Target: UCAS
Tir Na Nog Sourcebook
Queen Euphoria

2 thoughts on “Episode 20: 2050: Legends and Lore

  1. Opti San! it is a true delight to hear you are still alive and broadcasting, I feel I must apologies for my first comment, it was condescending and harsh, this shames me, gomen nasai Opti San.

    You speaking of spiders, Sally Tsung and DOG, twitched a neuron, will you be speaking of Samuel Verner Sama?

    On matters awakened I have heard a interesting little morsel, if you are still in Chicago, search at intersections leading to the true or magnetic north, if you see a wall covered in what looks like gang graffiti, but unintelligible (more-so then normal gang scrawl) open your third eye, or use a old fashioned camera with film treated by Orichalcum, the walls facing true north have shamanic warning and warding glyphs, while those facing magnetic north have hermtic runes of the same function, strange no?

    Stay safe, stay paranoid.

    1. No apologies necessary. Criticism comes with the territory. And to answer your question, yes. I will be speaking about Sam in one of the next few episodes. Not many know about the second great ghost dance, and Opti is gonna tell em!

      Also, thanks for the heads up about the runes in Chicago. I am on may way out to investigate!

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