1 thought on “Disassembler Debrief: Info and a Job

  1. Sorry omae,
    I’m gonna have to pass on this one too. Partly because I’m too busy still. Partly because I’ve got relations with the Disassemblers so I can’t go kickin’ their hoops-at least not at the pay offered. Yeah, I know, I know…But the shadows don’t always give great options to hang with the cream of high society. (Some people I deal with would be uncomfortable knowing I’m chummy with you.) If it helps I supp at their table with a very long spoon. (Or rather, I bring my own food.)

    To be honest I’m leery of crossing them directish. I seen two pull a live man apart limb by limb like Soldiers breaking down a machine gun and stuff him in a sack in 10 seconds flat. In broad daylight in touristville. A third followed with a pressure washer to clean the arterial spray. It was all very workmanlike and scary as hell. Half the witnesses weren’t sure what they saw and the rest didn’t want to admit it.

    But indirectly…well, when I scan any data that can help you or your runners I’ll transmit it gratis ASAP. That Doc is a business relation they’ll fight for to save face. But if he has an accident it won’t hurt their bottom line.

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