7 thoughts on “Aztechnology Corporation Special

  1. Oh god, when I asked about a new Corp-special, I would have never dreamed of getting one so soon. This fits perfectly, as I will send a team to Tenochtitlán soon.

    So, when will you do one on Saeder-Krupp, mein Freund?

  2. All of this information you’re giving away is going to get you in deep trouble Opti. We know who you are, we know where to find you and if you keep speaking on things you shouldnt know, we will have to sit down and have a talk with you. Be warned Opti! Be warned. We here at Aztechnology only warn people once

  3. The world is not ready for some of this information, Opti. Too much is at risk.

    Careful with those ancient ruins, young ones. The enemy stirs within. Let’s not kickstart an apocalypse before we have a safe place to hide for a few hundred years.

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