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  1. Opti,

    I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Since I’m still on a job in ANZAC land until their Red Poppy commemorations start, I can’t help directly. But I sent some of my job’s advance nuyen to you via your secure funds site along with some pay data I ran across. It’s definitive proof there were awakened creature sightings prior to the alleged first one in Japan. This particular picture is encoded with data to prove time and place – to the chagrin of the younger critter in the photo. Apparently this one couldn’t restrain a taste for mutton. A tourist caught him in the act. Small change I know but it may come in handy.

    It’s pathetic to we who remember it clearly how the memory of the grand old United States of America and what it stood for is reduced to a pathetic, one dimensional, evil little militaristic drek stain that is Ares Technology. As if it is the old republic’s sole endowment to future generations. Take care and keep your head on a swivel.

  2. Hey Opti,
    I’m in. Hell it’s good to have a “cyberzombie” on your team, right? (Stupid Ares goons think I’m a cyberzombie.)
    Make no mistake, Ares. It’s not revenge. It’s a reckoning.

  3. Chummer. I won’t sit here and lecture you on how running the shadows has risks. Nor will I lecture you about how revenge is a fools game, nor will I remind you that going against a Mega is a suicide run, or as that wise old 5th world philosopher Murphy says “If it can go wrong it will go wrong”, and the 6th world addendum “Unless its a Mega then it goes wrong twice as often” Because Omae, I would probably do the same if I were in your shoes, I was always a sucker for a tragic love story, and I love causing havoc for a Mega. Besides what self respecting neo-anarchist would just sit back and do what others told them?

    The way I figure it I probably how my life to you more than a few times over. More than once I have found myself in a bad situation only to dredge up some half remembered piece of data that I heard on your matrix broadcast that enabled me to get out of said situation.

    So the way I figure it, I have been living on borrowed time that, truth be told (and it must), I borrowed from you. So if you want my help just let me know. I will send in a separate message instructions on how to contact me. I want to help. I have some juicy paydata on a few of the Ares Johnsons that operate in Seattle (the kind that they would do anything to not let out) that I have been hanging onto in case it came in handy, so I may be able to point you in the right direction for finding the runners that this “Dr. No” (what kind of bulldrek name is that anyways?) may have hired.

    Let me know Chummer. I’ve had a good life and while I would love to go on living it, I figure if I am going to go out it might as well be for causing some havoc for a Mega and paying back a chummer, even if that chummer didn’t even know he was owed. Besides if I can help Opti stay on the air then it will be worth it. What future intel might you broadcast that could save me in the future if I survive. Also I owe a debt to your totem and this might help me clear then board with Him.

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