8 thoughts on “Ancient Action: Info and a Job

  1. Oh boy! This is going to be fun.
    Sadly I cannot personally be in on this run due to my employment. However I may be able to offer some……let’s just say backup help of a medical nature for those souls who may take on this job. I might even be able to throw in an extraction if things get too dicey, but no promises or guarantees on this. I can only do so much within the confines of my job. I’ll leave a hidden encrypted contact line here for people to contact me.
    I am all about taking the Ancients down a few rungs, so consider this as community service from a concerned citizen to those willing to sock it to ’em.
    I will personally caution anyone who gets involved. As Opti illustrated, The Ancients are NOT your typical gang/criminal organization. They are much more than that. We are talking Mafia/Yakuza level here chummers, and perhaps beyond. Watch your butts on this one.
    For the record, for those that care, the only reason why The Ancients got a leg up to come out on top over the Halloweeners was due to a “happy accident” involving a drek-ton of explosives in the Redmond Barrens back in the day. I may pass along the tale in full sometime in the future.

  2. Gang wars are a tad beneath my nose line. But I wont pass on a chance to chew on the Tir’s favorites. I’m in. Besides, Seattle’s nice in the fall.

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