All New Episode C: Further Exploration

All New Episode C: Further exploration on the themes of corporate goodness and musings on changes of heart and other significant sound-offs. — GLITCH. BOOM. BACK BABY. Love you, crows… Click below to listen to flowers grow from drek or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes, or various other podcast apps on your commlinks and Subscribe!

In order to read about how Opti got free from his captors, check out the following chronicle of the rescue:
Freedom Blackbird Part 1: The Generals Meet
Freedom Blackbird Part 2: Girls And Boys Come Out To Play
Freedom Blackbird Part 3: Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here
Freedom Blackbird Part 4: The Calm Before The Storming Of The Castle
Freedom Blackbird Part 5: We Are Men Of Action, Lies Do Not Become Us

7 thoughts on “All New Episode C: Further Exploration

  1. Swift flip-back to the Opti we know. These drekstains wanna call themselves our leash-holders? Well they’re going to have to work a lot harder then that. I’ll put it out there, proud as a storm. I was a part of Freedom Blackbird. Do somethin’ about it, fraggers. I dare ya.

    * Vendetta Violent

    1. I like the one of the younger boy in his patterned shirt, smiling looking straight on at the camera. (P.S. Did the parent(s) know about the “don’t have your kid’s portrait taken in a t shirt with a cartoon character or saying on it” rule?)

  2. Good to hear all went well! Welcome back Opti!
    I dropped off for a bit, things were getting a bit hot on my end. I got to maintain things at work as it were. The bosses wouldn’t like it very much if they knew how much I was involved with this op. Not to mention that outside intrusion from The Ancients on a personal level interfered with more than I was comfortable with. Had to do quite a bit of cleanup, but it ain’t my first rodeo so nul-sweat. Speaking about the Ancients, I was able to get a bit of interesting intel. I’m sending it to our Blackbird connection for processing and consideration. There may be a connection between Dr. Fail and the elves. How deep it is, I have no idea.
    By the by, myself and my Matrix friendly chummers are looking into the so called “Doctor”‘s medical connections. Let’s just say that his cushy Platinum contracts is toast. Oh yea he had several. Under many aliases. All gone. He can bitch and whine all he wants to the higher ups. He is now on the black list and ain’t getting off of it. Also good luck with him getting service from CrashCart or any of the other third rate competitors. He’s black listed there as well. My ‘trix guys are helping me there. So much for faith in the corps taking care of you Mr. Fail. At least when it comes to your physical well being!

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