21 thoughts on “All New Episode A: A New Leaf

  1. OK who the frag are you and what the drek did you do with Opti? You’re begging to have me shove loaded Ares Predators AND Super Warhawks (new and old versions) up your hoop sideways with a kilo of thermite and light it. i’ll make it so your mother can’t watch a cigarette getting lit without bursting into tears.

    Opti, where are you?

  2. Runners: who’s ready to do an extraction/rescue? If expenses are a barrier I’ll pay you myself. We need to get our chummer back

  3. Ok what the drek I get the whole trying to take the show thing corp brain bleach saw this coming sooner or later but come on at least get someone that sounds like opti this is low and lazy can someone get ahold of Bull he probably knows where the studio is and we can get to the bottom of this

  4. I’ve set up a burnable social media site account under the name Freedom Blackbird for basic coordination in Chitown. It can’t guarantee it will stay secure but I’ve deckers to defend it or at least tell me when it’s not. I’m trying to reach Opti’s known associates through it. For those that have Opti’s code:

    Wsrvyzdt56edhio58cstthhgff59pokjyrffbj60rvfedc61nixgev62wyidnyssb63vwuxme64jejdhrh65jekdicnf66nejxufj67ms68enhfkfi68nfjcuf70ndhchfksh71enhdhrjsjdurn72ejdjfjjfjucjdkej73nrjdjfmcjsj74enjxjfigjjg75ndjfugh76dj77h78jdndjfurjsmfu79ndjfugjt80nehdjr81 set Z, “fow”

  5. At the risk of putting us at risk, might I note that save for the direct source ‘cast links, posts on the ‘trix, and the direct feed and update material from “Opti”, most of the core links, Matrix interactive displays, and everything else we all have access to still have remained unchanged. They still say “Neo-Anarchist Podcast” with related graphics and vibe. I would wager our old crow here has left something for us here to work with. I do advise caution, however I don’t think we are as monitored by whomever nabbed Opti as we think! I find all this happening in the wake of dealing with the Ancients rather disturbing. I personally think we are not dealing with the Corps here, but a “higher” set of power players. There may be something more to this situation. I advise looking into things not only deeper, but from different angles before going with an knee-jerk reaction for extraction plans.

    1. [SCRMBL;com-protLL092075lvl3][rd-only]Well said. To spell it out: Who’s behind the 4nc13n75? We should work double tracked: The “action guys/gals” may rush in to support 0971 on site. The “support people” should do some research.[/SCRMBL]

  6. croesw! there are 67- nrnuers cthat have ym hq on lockdown. aalrts tbarrier on totp oqf my omwn. you cna get through nin a tunlnel undjerneath sam’ossn noodles next dorlo. not injured, bbut ethoy amre pgpini thgat defkrace’s nonsense into the builgding so oi am fbecrod tco hear eihm imitate me. big nuhyen pfor resccue.

  7. Count me in…Grabbing the semiballistic back.

    Spirits I hate having to keep the old Third Eye shut, but should be will you all shortly.

  8. Am on the ground making contacts, doing legwork. Anyone interested can link up with me at the Blackbird Freedom social media page or with RBS at hers. We’ll accept any assistance we can get, though the later you arrive the less say you’ll have in the op execution.

  9. [ncrpt;$azt][SCRMBL;com-protLL102077lvl1][rd-only]
    Have not heard from 0971*corrupt_link in 4 days. Did an integrity check. Feed corrupted. If you know how to rerout – DO! and regroup. If not – JACK OUT!

    1. The site is secure for now. I have top deckers looking out for it. But to be honest most of Opti’s chummers are still too paranoid to use it. But I take a Streetsweeper into the shower with me so I can’t talk smack about other runner’s paranoia. Secure site or not they just keep showing up and mostly loaded for bear.

  10. Ye’ve raised my ire. Ye’ve threatened my friend. Foul and vile imposter, the Scion of Death has taken notice of ye. And where my gaze falls, annihilation follows.
    Who’s with me?

  11. i just woke up after having most of my left side crushed a few weeks ago on a “milk run” and part of my recovery is to fill my heart with a powerful hateon for the corps so I come to my #1 source on the matrix and this is what I get? I can’t deal right now. Oh god there is a LoneStar ad. Now I need to buy so anti-vomiting meds from my street doc.

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