Opti Sings the Hits: Run Against an AAA

Oh boy, are you in for it! A classic by Grandma Cyrus, re-imagined by Uncle Opti. I hope you hate it. I really do.

Click below to listen to Run Against an AAA or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes, or various other podcast apps on your commlinks and Subscribe!

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  • Jinx says:

    There are a number of songs I’d love to hear Opti-mized covers of in 6th World style. I could probably make a pretty long list, but two really good top tier candidates in my mind would be Cult of Personality (originally by Living Colour) and People Are People (Depeche Mode). I’d especially be intrigued by the revised lyrics on Cult of Personality, with all the dragons, immortal elves and AAA CEOs that could be namedropped… And it’s so very Neo-Anarchist in its message. 🙂

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