Info and a Job: Death Heads Delivery

Info and a Job: Death Heads Delivery: This job concerns the new gang on the block, Redmond’s Death Heads. Get the lowdown on this Chrome go-gang, and then take a job and get paid. This job is paying quite a bit chummers, so listen well. Click below to listen to Death Heads Delivery or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes, or various other podcast apps on your commlinks and Subscribe!

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  • Ahab says:

    Dear Opti,
    Could you explain what makes a neo-anarchist tick? What do they act upon and what do they believe in? Do they have a strong set of morals or none at all?


  • HardIron says:

    Hey there chummer was looking to get more info on runs like this. Also woulld be awesome if we could have you as or fixer. Good ones are so hard to come by lately last one stabbed me in he back. Which is a feat considering I’m a troll with dermal lol. Appreciate any feed back chummer would like for my group not to get geeked.

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