Expandus Patreonus: The Crowfund Flies

Expandus Patreonus: Opti talks about keeping it real, starting up a patreon, the community of crows, doing the right thing, and how to avoid being lame. Click below to listen to Expandus Patreonus or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

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  • Uncle Jay says:

    Hoi, big crow. Its null persp. You produce great stuff. Crowfund away!

  • Eric da MAJ says:

    Opti, Opti, Opti, et tu? Gotta ride that gravy train? Well I suppose it figures. Nothing in the Sixth World is pure, excepting the torrents of drek. But still, I can’t judge too harshly. I’ve got blood on my hands (and on my synth leathers, hair, boots, etc.) for jobs I gave a slice of my soul in return for negligible Nuyen. Plus your matrix cast is the bomb. Just stay vigilant on what you spend it on and why – it’s a clear indicator where your real interests are going to. It’ll tell you where you really sit. Where you sit is too easily taken to be a place to stand. Anyway, I gotta run in New Zealand. If it goes well I’ll spot you some Nuyen.

    • Opti says:

      Heh. My sentiments exactly. I am not immune to my own critique. So I am counting on you to reel me back in. One of the biggest differences between the people who get powerful and the people who get screwed is accountability. So keep me on the straight and narrow, eh? Thanks, chummer.

  • Eric da MAJ says:

    BTW, the crow design on Patreon has a hooked beak. Crows don’t have hooked beaks.

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