Halloween In The Barrens

This is a very special hits episode, with our very own Rainbowsmite singing a song in honor of Halloween in the Redmond Barrens. Click below to listen to Halloween In The Barrens or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

Bullet Shells, Terror Cells,
It’s Halloween in the barrens.
Rotten smells, living hells,
Soon it will be Halloween,

Broken sidewalks, joytoy sidewalks,
Dressed in chaotic styles,
In the air there are dangerous toxins.

Gangers laughing,
Bullets capping,
any innocent slots,
On the corners, the joytoys all sing:

Bullet Shells, Terror Cells,
It’s Halloween in the barrens
Rotten smells, Living hells
soon it will be Halloween.

Jack-o-lanterns, the Jackal’s Lantern,
Scream the night has arrived,
As the streets fill with synthhol and tempo.

See the trolls punch,
Hear the bones crunch,
It’s the weener’s big night.
Nightmare and Carn-Evil both say:

Evil spells, ganger yells,
It’s Halloween in the barrens.
Crude hotels, Hollow shells,
Soon it will be Halloween.