Episode 13: 2029 to 2031: Nations Rise and Fall

Episode 13 is the twin sister of episode 12. 2029 to 2031 (part 2). What was happening around the world during the Crash and the years that followed? Some big fragging stuff! The Sinsearach tribe shows up, nations rise and fall, and the corps get shuffled. Click below to listen to episode 13 or go to future Ares Subsidiary iTunes and Subscribe!

Shadowland and Jackpoint uploads for sources and further reading:
California Free State
Corporate Download
Corporate Guide
Feral Cities
Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
Seattle: 2072
Seattle Sourcebook
Shadows of North America
Shadowrun 20th Anniversary
Sixth World Almanac
Target: UCAS
Tir Tairngire: The Land of Promise

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